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Review of Augee: The Reawakening

by Seregil of Rhiminee of RISINGSHADOW.NET



“A fantastic reading experience…”


Paul Stuempel and Cormac Lambe's Augee: The Reawakening is a well written and rewarding sequel to Augee: Guardian of Hohala. It will please readers who are looking for something immersive to read, because the story will carry readers on a magical and thought-provoking adventure to Hohala.

Just like in the previous novel, the authors fluently combine traditional and unconventional elements to create an immersive story. This novel has epic fantasy at its heart, but it differs in that it explores unexpected themes and issues that range from bullying and loss to loneliness and exile.

What's great about Augee: The Reawakening is that part of the story takes place in our world, chronicling the protagonist's coming of age, before the focus shifts to Hohala and the fate of the exiled Hohalians. This separates it from the first novel and adds intrigue to the story. I think that many Young Adult readers will enjoy this novel, because the authors write excellently about Nickie's adolescent problems.

The characterization works well in this novel. The authors paint a believable and realistic picture of Nickie, his life and his love for animals. Augee, too, is a wonderful creation by the authors. He is a  magnificent and powerful dragon who helps Nickie and the Hohalians. I have a feeling that readers who are fascinated by all things dragon will be excited to read about Augee and his friendship with Nickie.

The authors write well about universal themes such as grief, bullying, loneliness, identity and being different, and also touch on the difficulties related to single parenthood. They fluently describe how difficult life can be when you're different from others and don't behave like everybody else. They don't underline anything, but let their readers see what life can be like when you look at it from a slightly different point of view and have respect for nature.


There are a number of heartbreaking scenes that are impressively-written. The authors' natural approach to these happenings added depth to the story.

Augee: The Reawakening is a fantasy novel which will keep readers spellbound by its story. The combination of old-fashioned charm and modern storytelling makes for a fantastic reading experience.

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